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May 19, 2008


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Great job, Marcus!




Mr. Luttrell, I am not a lawyer but if you need any assistance with your legal bill please let us know.

I may have not seen the show but I would be happy to pay the price of admission.

Keep the Faith

Account Deleted

HOOYAH MARCUS WAY TO GO!!! Hope the foreigner spent the night in the hospital, although I know you used some restraint, I wouldn't have and would guarantee him a hospital visit!

Clayton Achterberg

what is educating a foigner?
I just read the book it was very moving


Clayton, if you watch the video, Mr. Luttrell explains it nicely..


I have linked your article on my page-thanks for the great video!


Get Some Cowboy

Jeanne Johnson

Hey Marcus,my fellow Texan and Patriot! My brother-in-law is a Terrorism Law attorney who represented the Navy families of the hijacked TWA Flight 847. He successfully sued the Islamic Republic of Iran--I'm sure he can help YOU! God Bless Texas, and you as well.

Alys Travis

Great job Marcus. Alix told us about the incident. God Bless America and President Bush we love them both. Thanks for all you do.

Anne, Texas, USA

Marcus, you need to run for political office and straighten out all the lace-panty politicians who have holes in their backsides from all the fence-sitting they do! God bless you, and all your compatriots, for all you have done and continue to do for our country. As my 17 year old prepares for RTC with a SEAL challenge contract, your story is one that inspires him. Thank you!


Luttrell for President 2012!

David W Smith

Marcus Thank you for keeping our county strong. If you are ever in NC and need anything give me a call. 336 250 3971

David Smith


Thank you for evrything Marcus and I dont mean to judge but after reading your book I was struck by the shepherd who helped rescue you. And then I read that the US government has done nothing to help him but instead arrested him and sacked him from his job.

I just wish you did a little more to let people know about him as well

Suzzane Donald

thanks for the great video!



Great job Marcus! I can understand what you are saying when you turn on the news. I can't really watch the news anymore because I know it is pretty much an outright lie. I read your book and am now listening to it on CD. You and your partners in arms are true American heroes and thank you for all that you do and have done. Keep spreading your word, it really is inspiring.


Never have I been so moved by any book. The news before and especially now makes me sick because I understand for the first time what all of you are up against. Damn! Makes me mad. Keep speaking out! Hope you hear from your publisher- I wrote and want you to come speak in my Florida community!


Marcus, I graduated from Willis a year after you and Morgan.I lived with Morgan,Kevin and Scott for a little while and just wanted to say thanks for our way of life. God kept you alive for a reason,he has more in store for your life. Thanks and God bless you and Morgan.

Major J.T. Strong, USAF, RET.

It's so nice to know that someone understands reality in foreign policy, to wit: Nothing crystalizes reality like the proximity of danger. That said how's this for the wording of a foreign policy political plank: The USA forthwith turns the responsibility for expunging the despots in this world over to the UN. If the UN can't handle this, and wants the USA to assist in an effort, be advised that if we opt to act, the result will be a large smoking hole. Don't complain about the result if you want the USA to resolve an issue, simply be prepared to mop up after we're done. Furthermore, if the USA perceives a threat to USA, and it chooses to inform the UN about its intent to neutratize this threat, that choice to inform is exactly that: a choice to inform. We shall not be obligated in any way to ask for, nor will we necessarily accept, the advice of the UN or its members in such matters. This does not mean that the USA is withdrawing from the community of nations, or that it will become isolationist. It does mean that forthwith the USA will speak in crystal-clear language in the international diplomatic arena. For those who make a living with incessant diplospeak, this simply means that if the USA tells someone to DUCK, they damn well better take the advice!


I think we should pull out of the UN altogether, then watch the world fall apart. No one to feed the world or police the world or save the world when disaster strikes...we'll leave it to the Russians to bail everyone out and look only after OUR self-interests. Wanna bet the rest of the world will suddenly want and need us, again?

Brad Brieger


thank you for writing your book. I was so humbled by reading the account of such men of honor and courage. I am truly grateful for you, your fellow SEAls and all of America's soldiers who have made incredible sacrifices and some the ultimate sacrifice in order that this great nation might remain great.
With much humility and sincerity I say Thank You!
Brad B.

Jim Cochran

I just read Lone Survivor...sweet Jesus. I'm speechless. Marcus, thank YOU for your service.


I just cried your book...I mean, read your book.
Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.


Heard the recordings of your book on CD. (Was impressed by the training US seals undergo.)
As an American of Asian Indian decent, I had a question: Have you considered having your book translated to any other language like Hindi? Or French, or German, or Russian, or Hebrew????
Also THANK YOU for your service to our great nation!!!

Nel Uy, former USN LT (O-3)

Petty Officer Luttrell tells it like it is. He is outstanding inspiration for all Americans, young and old alike. I can't thank him and all our great warriors enough for their sacrifice and devotion to duty and country. Brazo-zulu to all. God speed.

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