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February 19, 2008


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Yes is a tough election season. Me, I'd take Hillary of Obama.

Amy Proctor

The Obamas are socialists. That's the bottom line.

Tamera     Mackson

I really don't think that you are the one to say who is not best for president. Keep your comments to your self. You say that you haven't heard him say anything about change, that means that your not listening.

Ron Simpson

how is it all these rich sob liberals want to redistribute everybody ELSE'S wealth?


Ah, the nuts on the Left. Now, if I kept my opinions to myself, what sort of blogger would I be? And clearly, as you yourself have done, people come here to read my opinion, for the little that it's worth.

But since you're such an expert on Obama and his plans for our country, why don't you enlighten the rest of us with his brilliant plans for our future? Without using the words HOPE and CHANGE, I mean. You know, give us something of substance, since your candidate is clearly incapable of doing so...

Thanks for visiting..


Get with the program, Ron, it's all about HOPE and CHANGE, brother, HOPE and CHANGE. Oh, and THE FUTURE. Beyond that, I really can't comprehend anything that Obama says he will do..


Wow, you people are hilariously misinformed and biased to a ludicrous degree.

You can't "comprehend anything that Obama says he will do." because that would require you to read or pay attention.

Every single comment on here is the product of biased ignorance. It's hilarious reading your pedantic dreck. Keep posting, I need a good laugh now and then.


Ah yes, the typical Obama supporter: no intelligent debate or reasoned argument, just pathetic insults and mindless drivel.

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