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May 03, 2007


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Ed O'Shea

Great blog site, keep up the good fight. I'm an LAPD Police Officer assigned to a Division in South Central Los Angeles. Here is a blog entry I placed on our weak Departmental blog. There is more BS to come for us. And if the rest of the country becomes as pussified as our pathetic Los Angeles leaders and weak Chief of Police, look out!

Chief you ought to be ashamed of yourself for your obtuse statements and shameless pandering! You, sir are putting us on the front line, not you in your lush corner office, in harms way! You have certainly solidified your position for the next five years! But, then a one eyed monkey, with half a brain could see you posturing for Tony Villa-la-raza, like a lap dog! We have not had a real Chief in this city since Chief Gates! All since have been political hacks! Though only Willie was keen enough to see that he was not really in charge at all. This city is in deep trouble and a downward spiral until the Chief of Police is given back civil service protection. We need to get real Law Enforcement professionalism in the Chiefs officer instead of the current LA status quo. A wet political finger in the air, and a knee jerk reaction might be what our PATHETIC 1 term Mayor might like. SHOCKING! But the rest of the country is looking at the Los Angeles Police Departments response on May 1st as a Lawful stand against a group of opportunistic criminals that are incapable of living by our laws! Most of the people were able to express themselves like civilized human beings, as for the ones that got dealt with! Let that be a lesson to you! Any force by you against the citizens of Los Angeles or the LAPD will be met with overwhelming force!
15 of my fellow Warriors were injured during these animals inability to behave, I hope you'll all be ok, and job well done in holding the line. This city owes you greatly for not allowing the thugs to get out of hand!

To my fellow Warriors,
Stay Safe,
Ed O'Shea


I couldn't agree more. How any CoP could make statements like that without the benefit of a full and complete investigation is beyond me. The problem is that your Chief is a politician, not a police officer. And he seems perfectly willing to hang a few uniforms out to dry if it means he gets to move up the food chain. Be safe!

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