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March 28, 2007


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Papa Ray

She is not a Marine, she is a sailor.

Big difference. But as far as torture, they could threaten her and that would most likely be enough to convince her to read a prepared script.

The younger Brits are not like their grandparents on the average. Not to say that she might be tough but, if they said to her, read this or we are going to kill one of your buds, she might consider it ok to do so.

Anyway, it makes no difference as the press and the liberal/socialist Brits are going to blame all this on Blair and Bush.

Papa Ray
West Texas


Yup, that's already started. It was just a matter of time...


You ask the same questions I had, but did not voice in my post. This woman is knuckling under already? What did they do to her or did she just fall for their line of bull? And don't they have some kind of code of conduct or training for instances like this? I know our military does.

Excellent article.

Thanks for the mention.


There were marines and sailors, I don't know which the female is. I just wonder if they didn't get some training for such a situation. The women is 23 I think, but the men look like babies.


I can't imagine what they would have to do to me to get me to wear a scarf on my head. No way.

Flag Gazer

Remember in 1979, Iran released all but two of the women and one of the blacks, because they were 'unlikely' to be spies and they had suffered enough oppression under the Americans.

Perhaps, they have learned to target the woman in the group and manipulate her to use her to their advantage.

This could get incredibly ugly, while most Americans and Brits go about their day without much concern.


Hey, came your way via Violence Worker.

I know what you mean about the Code of Conduct- but I am convinced these "apologies" were coerced. It's not just Leading Seaman Turney that has given one. One of the guys has too.

You can see she is absolutely bricking it with the way she is smoking her cigarettes.

I suppose the choice is say the Iranian's baloney or get tortured and die.

What gets me is that the Iranians went straight for the woman to humilate first.

The Iranians are going to get what's coming to them.


Kris, thanks for commenting. I do agree that the 'confessions' were coerced in some way, and that they went after the female sailor, and I think, the oldest of the group, first. But they don't look tortured or starved or otherwise mistreated...although it's very hard to tell. I just think it unforgiveable that these prisoners would so readily and easily 'confess' to "being in Iranian waters illegally" and ask the MOD to get out of Iraq. Especially after only a week. Guess they don't get SERE training or have a "Code of Conduct" similar to US troops.


I supposed Dhimmi Carter had to put his two cents into the situation.

You are right, the Brits need to take this seriously.

Very good coverage. I don't believe that Faye Turney actually composed those letters. They were dictated by the Iranians. The Brits should NEVER have revealed personal information about themselves, like being married, having children, etc.

Whatever happened to name, rank, and serial number?


p.s. What's with the pink flowered sheet behind the male Marine? It clashes with his camo shirt. Are those Iranians a little light in the loafers?


i am appalled to think a country would coerce a prisoner into making comments against their will.

Oh sorry forgot about the good old U S of A.


There's a big difference between forcing/coercing false confessions and interrogating a terrorist to learn what other attacks might be imminent. One is designed to embarass and exploit the prisoners and their country, while the other just might save lives. You'd think someone from Australia would understand the difference, Martin.

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