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February 12, 2007


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that's great. Perhaps Obama can shed some light on the waste of heroic American lives for the past 225 years, and help us to better understand history. A small few, unfortunately, have been wasted. But they were wasted alongside their brothers protecting and saving lives while supporting an important mission and a task greater than themselves. After all, isn't that what they are doing? It disgusts me that our men and women in uniform can serve their country in enemy territory and give their lives, if necessary, while some asshole back in the world can discuss how worthless it is.


America wake up! Obama is just another Eli Cohen. A successful spy. Obame pretends to be a christain but his words and action does not show he is a christain. He is about to finish his work; to ruin USA. The lifelong dream of the jihadists. Why is he always in support of "the blame America first Jihadist/communist hatred syndrome"? Why is he supporting Iran? Why did he snike out of the senate the day the senate was voting on Iran Revolutionary Guard?

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