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December 24, 2006


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Not only do you have to watch the 6 shitheads in the car, but all the windows of the surrounding houses, the trees, the bushes, and passing vehicles. No matter which way you swing it, we're fucked!


Same as it ever was, my friend.

Sjirk Zijlstra

Gangs are worse than theMafia, Mafioso only killed their own, gang bangers kill for the sake of killing. They are terrorists, law breaking individuals (citizens or not) that need to be eliminated. If needed create legislation that make gang activity illegal (if it is not already!!) and enforce those laws along with enforcing the law ainst illegal presence in the US.
I was "prosecuted" because I "rolled" past a stop sign, why is it so dificult to prosecute those carrying arms illegally etc.?

Peter Wagner

I ran across your site while researching the tragic murder of Officer Dan Bessant. Any update on the perp? I can't seem to find if he was an illegal alien or not. The reason is that I am involved in an effort to establish a registry entitled Victims Of Illegal Alien Crime. We are doing it because the GOVT is not. It should launch in a week or two. We would love to have your support. We need to hear from victims and their families so we can record and report the crimes that should have never happened.

BTW, I am the author of THE DARK SIDE OF ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION. You may find the 206 page report posted at


Peter, since the suspect is a juvenile, I don't know that that information is readily available. You can always call the Oceanside Police PIO.

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