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November 02, 2006


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I've wondered for years why we hesitate so much with Iran. I know that often there is a fear we will alienate the Iranian population that many beleive are much more supportive of America than the Mullahs. But at some point the populations of countries like Iran must also be held responsible for what they have allowed. The Japanese may understand this better than anyone. If your leadership is out of control you might fix it internally before someone else does at your expense.


Just wanted to let you know that Trey called me this morning around 5:30am ALL THANKS TO YOU!! :-)!!!!! Eeeee! I can't believe you sent 1,000 minutes! I know that must have been expensive. He is letting some of his guys use the card as well, a few of them NEVER call home because its expensive. So you've made not only me, but a few other wives happy today! THANK YOU SO MUCH. Thank you doesnt even begin to cover how grateful I am. Seriously, thanks. :)

Mike @ CopTheTruth

jbrookins, I think we waited because we had hoped that they would balance out Iraq, and now it seems that the tide has reversed. But I think it's way too late to get out of the situation cheaply. Thanks for commenting.

Jennifer, I was happy to do it! I hope Sgt. Trey uses it well and in good health!

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