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November 13, 2006


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Do the Chinese really think they got us with our pants down? My guess is that we knew who, what and where this sub was before they got anywhere near. If they tried this crap for real, they would find a U.S.-made torpedo up their ass before they got within range. The commander of the U.S. attack sub that was surely watching them was probably laughing his ass off.


Let us hope the US Navy and the rest of DoD is continueing to improve it's tactics for all types of submarines and other threats and never under estimates an enemies capabilities. Remember Pearl Harbor and 911 or pay the reaper! The other guy's are catching up with us as we speak and are not resting. Even the ones we thought couldn't get certain technologies are getting them because everyone will sell anything for the right price. Even our own countries industries. They do it all the time and don't care about the consequences to our country. The Chinese are building offensive capabilities at a sustainable rate and are testing their capabilities all the time and then improving just as we would. We have been surprised way to much since the fall of the Soviet Union and they are building back up as well under Putin's leadership. No one wants us to stay a super power all alone. If we sit idle we will be surpassed without even seeing it. Time and time again our technology and tactics fail to find or prevent agression or distruction on the US around the world because we become complacent. It is time to get serious about our capabilities in a world turning more and more against the US. We teach other countries our capabilities and they are learning to counter them. Even if they sunk one carrier for the price of one of there cheap submarines we could not sustain an extended conflict without serious damage to our expensive fleet. We need to invest in all sorts of technology, tactics, and equipment that are both exspensive and cheap. This way we cover all sides of high and low intensity conflicts. Our intel needs to get better and stay that way. The last leader of our country cut our intel's ball's off and we have been paying for it in blood since. Our military must dictate what it wants and needs, not industry and politicians. They only want the big bucks with a contract. History repeats itself and those that ignore it are destined to repeat it!(have you heard that one before?) The bad guy's even watch our movies for ideas and some of them are crazy enough to even work. If not for but only a few times but the damage will be done before we can counter it. I won't qoute examples as our past and present conflicts are full of examples. Train the way you will fight use to be our motto. We need to get back to the basics and that is staying in the lead and playing it like it is real all the time. That is how our miltary doesn't get caught with it's pants down. If the Chinese can put a diesel submarine in deep waters they can sit off our coast any time. You can quitely move a good diesel sub if you use good tactics and techniques and then sit and wait. You do it enough and you learn what works and what doesn't. Then when you need to use it it is an effective weapon. If they get the chance to shoot they use everything they have. They can get a heavy punch in for a cheap price and a heavy price on us. Do the math! Just my 2 cents.

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