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October 25, 2006


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Did you know this post showed up as a "google alert"? Here it is:

Gen. Pace Handicaps Our Next War
By Mike
Palestinian and Israeli security officials said they are aware of the attack plans. Israel said it beefed up security at Gaza border crossings. ... by Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas to dissolve the Hamas-led Palestinian ...
Cop The Truth - http://copthetruth.typepad.com/cop_the_truth/


A war with Korea would be scary. The unity and determination from this country that propelled this country to victory in WWII no longer exists, or exists in critically short supplies and for short durations. Seems to me, however, that if N.Korea continues on their current path, we have two choices: go to war now, or go to war later. I believe the sanctions, in time, will be extremely effective - providing the U.N. follows through. Then, of course, it will be our fault for provoking them.

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