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September 02, 2007


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Amy Proctor

I don't watch Army wives. I smelled a rat from the beginning that it didn't accurately represent the military and was more accurately a Hollywood statement on the military from those who've never served.

Flag Gazer

It's a soap opera - nothing more.


Actually, that's the first thought that occurred to me, too. Great minds think alike...


I knew there was a reason I took a pass on that show.

ron simpson

I knew this series was going to be crap from the get go. Hollywierd liberal jerks will NEVER make a show that tells the truth or portrays the military in a positive light. Striking at the military throught the wives is despicable.


Interesting. I enjoy the show, recognizing that it is fiction and not reality. Also, some of the military spouses I know enjoy the show, with full knowledge of areas where it strays from reality. The SpouseBuzz blog has several posts about the series (http://www.spousebuzz.com/blog/2007/08/army-wives-ep-2.html)

My take on it is that the protagonists are all represented as interesting and intelligent people - a composite of the actual women written about in Ms. Bianks book (which I have read - and which has much worse things than have occurred so far on the tv show!).


I loved this program. It didn't have to be factual. It was enterainment pure and simple As for the details of the Army life and command structure. Why does it matter what is importand have you forgotten this was enterainment,


It may be entertainment to you, but it isn't entertainment to the people that live it every day. Ever think of that?


come on people this is not a real show.i love this show and hope it will air again.for those who dont like it than dont watch it.iam a military spouse of a marine,i have been married for 21 yrs.i lived on base and i can tell you ,you do see some good/bad in the military spouse from all ages.so lighted up its just a show.

Linda Seguraa

I am a spouse of a retired Marine and lived the military life for 20 years. Of course its not even close to the "real" soap opera us military wives endure daily; however, it is entertaining and at least "dependents" are getting some exposure as to what we deal with. If they showed the truth it would have to be on HBO late at night because the rating would have to be R and all of you know exactly what I mean.

Miss Airborne82

Unfortunately, Hollywood has ran out of ideas and this was their last resort to portray the life of military spouses and soldiers in general. It's a shame to know that they can do such a shitty job of displaying the life of soldiers and their families and think that it's so accurate and realistic. Even worse, they wear the 82nd Airborne patch on their uniforms and what a disgrace!!! A Army division with a compelling and structured history such as this and they get to parade around like they know what's it's like to be a soldier, but did we expect anything more from Lifetime Network? I mean seriously get your heads out of your asses, this is one of the worst tv stations and they have been caught in a cycle of bad shows that they think will catch the appeal of the publics eye. Mess with something else, but not our Troops what a fucken slap in the face, I laugh each time this show comes on.

Don Bennett

its a TV show... get over it. You people need a hobby

Micah Clare

I'm with the 82nd and recently redeployed from Afghanistan after 15 months, and I'll tell you that this show is incredibly accurate, the things these wives deal with are very, very similar to what my wife has had to deal with on a daily basis for the last year. And yes, problems with sex, husbands' changing roles at home, and spouses who don't understand the Army game, really are the day-to-day aspects and concerns in the life as an Army wife. I'm glad my wife didn't have to feel all alone at least once a week when this show aired. What show isn't going to have some inaccuracies here and there? At least it's not "Over There"! I can't say how much I appreciate what Lifetime has done with this show.

Army Spouse

First of all, I agree with you Don Bennett. Though the show just touches on the realities of Army life, it does provide the general public some insight to how we live. I had the general opinion that it would not be realistic, thinking they couldn't even pretend to know what its like to be an Army wife. I am glad I got over myself enough to actually watch. It is entertaining, while touching on real issues. And Linda Seguraa, maybe you should know your facts before putting up such a big defense about the 82nd Airborne wives. That post has a big problem.

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