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June 25, 2007


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Flag Gazer

I'm about half way through the book - what a great read. The first half is about SEAL training - I am more impressed than ever that anyone survives it. These are amazing men.

Leigh Anne

I liked Matt Lauer until I saw that interview. No more. I'm very disappointed in him. Talk about the liberal media! Jerk!

"Lone Survivor" is a great book and am glad Marcus is alive to share it with us. I'm sorry he had to lose so many of his brothers.

Kelly G. Taylor

I just finished Lone Survivor. I had a very hard time putting it down .As a U.S. Army veteran it takes a lot to make me cry but... this book did. I wept for all these GREAT MEN who died for me and for you. I wept for their families and all their loved ones. I want them back but--we can't have them back. We can however honor them ladies and gentleman by calling out the liberal media demand they stop right now with the bull__it and start reporting the truth. Demand they get one the side of right and might. That is Us U.S. freakin' A. America. We did not ask to be attacked. We are the GREATEST NATION that has ever been. Began today with these three words and see if you don't fell better, better yet start everyday like this. God Bless American!!! Oh and finish with as I do. Land that I Love! To the media I say grow some b_ll's and show some pride in the Red White and Blue. We must honor the fallen hero’s everyday. Not with I disagree with the war but support the troop’s B.S.!! I support the troop’s period… And I say give them hell and never quit. In passing Marcus Luttrell you will forever be a hero to me. But especially the other brave men of SEAL Team 10. Danny, Axel and Murph, along with those we lost in the attempted rescue mission. I will carry with me until the day I die their names and tell any and everyone what I know of them. God Bless you all and may you Rest in peace with the Lord all Mighty God forever and ever Amen.


Great book really shows the honor that military special operators have. and what they will sacrifice for their team.

Chris Orrell

What a gut ripping read! I had been reading this book for about a week and yesterday I resumed reading about half way through and could not stop. I have never had a book affect me like that. My Utmost RESPECT goes out to Marcus and his team and ALL Navy SEALS! What an incredible story of bravery and valor. Marcus you and your SEAL brothers are forever in my heart and I will always remember you and your brothers who died on that mountain. I have and will continue to tell all those that they must read your story.

Capt.Chris Orrell, USAR
Mobile, AL


Awesome book. I couldn't put it down. Should be mandatory reading for media people, democrats, and all the Harry Reid's of the world. This book explains why we have the best military in the world!

Dave Ziemann

This was an incredible book and amazing story. Heard Glen Beck interview him then had to get the book. And just like Marcus in the book, when he was finally rescued, realized he was safe, and broke down uncontrollably, so did I. What those guys went through is something I can't even imagine. The dude lost 37 pounds in SIX DAYS yet still kept going.


I normally do not read military type books, but this was recommended to me by my sister whose son is a friend of Marcus. It is impossible to put into words the admiration, sorrow, anger and love that washed over me as I have read this account. How sad that these young men so committed to serving their country had to have their hands tied by some pansies who would never have the courage to go through what these men did let alone survive through the SEAL training. Our leaders should be ashamed. Thank you to the men and women who are serving, who have served and to their families for sharing them with us.


Would of loved for Marcus to take the shot at Shamrack when he had him in his sights but if he did we would never of known of this awful tragedy and true bravery.


I could not put this book down. I finished it in three days. I, like another reader, cried while reading this book - more than once. I am thankful that Marcus survived in order to tell this story. I mourn for the loss of his friends as well as all of the lives that have been lost in this war.


I read this book in one day! I could not put it down! My daughter (who works with the Navy Seals) told me about this story back when it happened. This weekend when I was visiting her in San Diego she mentioned that Marcus wroth the story, I was so intrigued to hear it from his words that I bought the book the same day. I have a huge respect for these guys and it just grew even more. I'm so proud to be living in the greatest country in the world! And even more proud of the men and women that defend it!

I am aGI too

A great book, HOOYAH to these great heroes. I have heard the story when it happened and the feeling I had then is the the same I have now. Pure anger, then sadness, then pride to be a GI in company of great men. But please this not about liberals, it is not about conservatives. This about the US of A. There are conservatives as well as liberals in the teams. I have read other spec ops teams that have been compromised and found themselves in the same situations but never impute any faulte to the liberal media. I am talking about all the ops that got compromised during the golf war one, particularly BRAVO TWO ONE. These things happen and you make your call. Not only did these guys displayed a tremendous sense of humanity, but also a great deal of courage. I am a liberal, but I rather spend my time in jail in CONUS and have my bodies alive than let some freaking goatherders compromise ME. One psychological question that is asked during the selection for an SAS is can you get you bollock fucked to accomplised a mission or not? Andy McNABB's answer was " hell YEAH, BUT YOU KNOW WHAT I WOULD NEVER TELL YOU!!!". I would kill those bastards and hurled them down the cliff and get the mission accomplished.

Glen Weeks

I was completely absorbed by the story. I believe Marcus was able to find the words necessary to tell an otherwise horrible story. I personally cannot imagine being involved in the events that that Seal team were forced to endure.
One question does bother me and I would like some thoughts from Marcus on this question. As the book states operation Redwing was cancelled three or four times due to the intel not being reliable enough to ensure the target was located. Would it be typical for the intel that was tracking the target to recognize the size of the enemy force that was protecting the target.

Linda Strickland

I also read the book in almost one sitting and could not stop crying toward the end. It angers me that our politicians have so impacted ROE which should be the business of the
military on the ground in combat. I hope and pray that Marcus can lead a normal life and have emotional healing from this event. I know as I read this book into the wee hours of the night, I was not able to sleep the rest of that night. May God give him the rest he so now deserves.


I finished this book in one sitting and I can't stop thinking about the story... I have taken for granted what you people in the military do for us... I'm safe and secure in MN, not knowing anyone in the services. I humbly hang my head in apology and sincerely promise to try and be a better American. Thank you for your sacrifices.

MM3 Lee Garell

I just finished reading "Lone Survivor" what a Wonderful Book! Marcus Luttrell was meant to stay alive and write this story! I had to read this after finging out that one of the Hero's that had died on that Mountain was someone I knew... Lt. Commander Erik S. Kristensen was the only child to my Commanding Officer on board the USS Waddell DDG-24, retired Navy Rear Admiral Edward Kristensen... Erik like his father was a good man... I was lucky to have known both Men... God Bless the Families of all Our Fallen Hero's on that Day... Navy SEAL's Will Always Protect us from harm, that is what they do!

Joseph Stasiowski

Awesome book, I purchased it yesterday afternoon and finished it this morning, I couldn't put it down. The liberal media/politicians are a discrace and are providing cover for America's enemies. Shame on them. Keep up the fight U.S. Military and God Bless the U.S. Navy Seals!!!!!


Marcus, you have given your country, your family, and your fellow SEAL's so much to be proud of and thankful for. When you doubt the rightness of your own survival and the loss of many you admired and loved, know that God had his hand on you and still does. All the SEALs displayed amazing courage and valor and they were as proud of you as you are of them. May more Americans come to appreciate your fellow men-in-arms' sacrifice and honor your commitment. And, by God's grace, may you find peace in your soul.

Rebecca Douthit

What a compelling account of how our military gives all they have for this wonderful freedom we take for granted every day. As others before me have said, I also cried many times during the day as I read the words that I know were difficult for Marcus to relay. God certainly was with you during those very difficult days you spent in hell. I had 5 uncles who served in 3 wars for our country and one who spent 2 years as a prisoner of war so I do not take our freedom for granted. If it were not for our military we would not even be able to post a comment on any site. I pray for Marcus and for all the men and women who are giving of themselves so we can live our lives without having to wonder when the next attack is going to hit us. As a Nation we need to remember soldiers like Marcus and those who gave their lives for US! God bless all of them and their families. You have the love of God in your souls and I appreciate everything you have sacrificed for our freedom.


I'm not fond of reading but I had to read it for school and I read it in about a week and a half it is the greatest book I've read by far I loved it. It makes you proud to be an American and it would make a hell of a movie

Mark Watkins

Great book, story and respect for the SEALS. I was wondering what The SEALS did for the village(s)? I was coming up with some of my own ideas with no information provided. Great opportunity to show American gratitude to people who need positive examples.

Cop the Truth

I don't know what they did for them, Mark, but I'm sure they have to be careful that whatever it was, it didn't fall into enemy hands. That village is in the same area where the recent outpost was attacked which left 9 Paratroopers dead.

scott h

Truly an amazing story. I too am not much of a reader; but I now carry a tattered highlighted copy of this incredible book. Constant reminder, Never Forget.

Lisa Hayes

How do you begin to even comment on something that has made a huge impact on your life? Best dam book ever! I'm not personally close to anyone who has served or is in the Military but I've always had respect for all of them. Now, I have a more deeply profound respect for all the men and women in all branches of the Military. This book has really been an eye opener for me and I am so glad Luttrell was able to write this. It needed to be done. It needs to be read by ALL!I hope one day to meet you, Luttrell, and shake the hand of a Hero for you could be nothing else in my eyes. GOD BLESS AMERICA!!! HOOYAH!!!

Lisa Hayes

This should be made into a movie! Thats an excellent idea!!!

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