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May 01, 2007


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I agree Chuck is way up there. But then I like Chuck as a person. It's a hard thing to call since some of the best never fought in a ring or in a movie.

While I think Bruce was inovative for his time in a real fight he was too light. Sorry but all the skill in the world up against another trained fighter doesn't help much if you only weigh 138 lbs.

You gotta love Gene Lebell too he was definately real.

I guess you really can't say, but the world of MA has changes and I think for the better because of many mentioned above.


Great comment. That's an excellent point, though at his peak, he was closer to about 170 lbs. Most people agree that for his size, he was one of the strongest and most powerful fighters ever. He was once described as having the most "defined physique in the world" by both Joe Weider and Mike Mentzer. He also had a great influence on the training of people like Lou Ferrigno, Rachel McLish and Shawn Wheeler (according to them). And "Judo" Gene LeBell is certainly a character like no other!


You didn't even mention Steven Seagal!

Cop The Truth

Seagal is a good martial artist and he certainly has something that translated well to the big screen (in his first few movies, anyway), but he's not in the same league as the others I mentioned.

Ted Fiorito

What about men like Jon Bluming? He and LeBell are two men I would never want to encounter in a fight.

jacq schoeman

Bruce Lee was without doubt the best. Everybody else copied some of his moves somewhere. Just take the scene where he fights against Dan Inosanto with the nunchaks - nobody, but nobody can equal that!

So, regardless of his weight (he could have certainly been heavier had he chose to) he pushed himself beyond human capabilities.


I'd love to see Bruce Le fight in MMA today...there is a debate that rages whether hed win or not...I personally think he wouldnt


You may be right, but it would certainly be interesting to watch. Of course, Lee would have been one of the first to embrace a "new" way of fighting, i.e. grappling and MMA, so it's really hard to say. He had a way of understanding fighting that is second to none...

william v

you may be right he was a great screen martial artist but their are so many fighters out there now somebody would beat him there is always somebody that can beat you every body loses at some plus he was never really tested


Am i missing something?
What about:
Mas Oyama
Gichin Funakoshi
Matasoshi Nakayama
Gogen Yamagushi

to name a few...

David K

I have to say Bruce lee was the best. None of you has said why you think the person you said is the best, but i have to say knowledge is power, plus the speed. No one today has his speed, you put knowledge and speed together no one can beat that. i have watched alot of people fight, i fought myself that is why i think Lee is the best. He also brought people together.

Aaron T

Many will disagree with this, but after fighting Raymond Daniels first hand, I feel that he is "The Real Deal." I have fought competitively for 14 years winning literally 100's of tourneys. When i fought Raymond, i couldn't touch him. Every time i thought about moving, he was there to cut off my angle. It was like he knew what i was thinking. It was incredible. However, he needs to work on his jiu-jitsu and wrestling skills, to become more rounded.

In pure stand up fighting, no one could compare to Raymond. He is too fast, too deceptive, and possesses plenty of power. Just my 2 cents.


dude you dont need incredible strength if you have incredible speed. Bruce wasnt the strongest but he was probably the fastest and definately the most accurate striker. I dont think any of the guys in MMA today can cope with the speed that Bruce brings to the fight.

solomon R

MMA or not strong or not i agree with Aron when you dont get to hit your target whats the use of strength. Guess lee was the best.

brandon f

all of u ppl have done nothing but make fools out of yourselfs and have now shown to the world that u know nothing about fighting ive watched videos of all the guys yall have mentioned,and the only one that could even come close to comparing with bruce is norris of course.they are all about technique,the thing about bruce is he had a knowledge and understanding in fighting which none of these guys have.he brought himself beyond normal human capabilities and would have become even greater would he have not died,fighting is about knowledge and belief in oneself,its a gift.those who dont have it never will.the answer to whos the best cant be answered because theres 6 billion people out there im sure someone is capable of being even better than bruce rather they know it or not.but from what ive seen hes best so far.


There isn't a single unarmed combatant today who would be a favourite against Fedor Emelianenko, so he is the greatest today. Of all time is impossible to determine.


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